CONCENTRATION GRID – post/track best grid times on leaderboards


Beat the benchmark gridtime or climb to the top of the leaderboard for one of the 68 different grid sizes.

Concentration Grid is a web/mobile device app implementation of a mental skills training exercise for students, athletes, coaches, sports performance/psychology staff, trainers, teachers, parents, etc. Use concentration grids a/k/a mental focus grids with student-athletes as a tool for assessment, development, practice/exercise of attention skills ... and for competitive challenge and fun. Generate grids in varying sizes of between 3 and 14 columns/rows - small grids test speed/dexterity ... larger grids exercise focus/attention skills. Convenient gameplay/replay. History tracking (time/performance data). Share feature is integrated with social media. Post and track best gridtimes at the leaderboard. Make self-development a daily habit. #concentrationgrid #challengeyourself - - -

Compete against other athletes/leaders.

Post your completed grid image (screenshot/image file) and GRID ID to the leaderboard at the Concentration Grid community site.

Visit the leaderboard to see how you rank.

Share feedback.

We appreciate your support.

Continuous improvement in process.

Make self-development a daily habit.




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