CONCENTRATION GRID CHALLENGE/COMPETITION – MAY 2017Individual challenge/competition for Concentration Grid – are you a master of the grid?

1. Complete a Concentration Grid of any size – from 3 to 14 rows/columns. Use the Concentration Grid app (Apple/Android download information/link available at or use web gameplay (free at

2. Send a screenshot/photo of your full completed grid (with GRID ID) by email or posted to social media Facebook/Twitter with #CONCENTRATIONGRIDCHALLENGE and a Username.

3. Best gridtimes sent/verified will posted at and and on Facebook/Twitter. Your Username may also be posted.

DEADLINE: Submission and receipt (and completed gameplay) with screenshot/photo no later than 11:59 PM on May 31, 2017 (as indicated by GRID ID).  See

FINE PRINT: Your participation in the challenge/competition constitutes your irrevocable release of claims and the grant of your permission for anyone to publish and use (freely without compensation to you and with no restrictions) the screenshot/photo you send/submit for any purpose relating to the subject matter of Concentration Grid. (Your screenshot/photo is contributed to the public domain for free use.) 

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