• Use grid exercise for assessment of focus/concentration ability of athletes
• Schedule periodic practice time for the team/group to complete the grid exercise
• Use the grid exercise as a game day/pre-competition ritual (quiet/focus time)
• Have athletes practice the grid exercise under changing conditions such as in silence and while fatigued and under distracting/simulated game conditions (e.g. noise, movement, lighting, etc.) – monitor the effect of changes/distractions on individual athlete performance
• Include the grid exercise as a mental skills training station during multi-station workouts and practices
• Use grids of varying sizes and dimensions to challenge both focus/concentration and dexterity/speed of athletes
• Keep the team challenged/productively occupied with the grid app during travel/road trips (bus rides) and weather/rain delays
• Have athletes use the grid exercise on their own once or twice daily as a mental skills workout (and monitor their own progress)
• Sponsor intra-squad/intra-school competitions with the grid exercise (e.g. hold individual tournaments, group/team tournaments, intra-team competitions (offense versus defense, infield versus outfield, players versus coaches), etc.)
• Set up an in-season and off-season concentration grid challenge for teams/athletes to better their performance (track best individual times weekly, reward improvement, identify grid masters, etc.)
• Generate one random grid with the app and print/copy the screenshot on paper sheets to hand out with pen for the entire team – then time the team with a stopwatch as all athletes complete the same identical grid (throwback/old school concentration grid exercise)

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