Example Uses of the Concentration Grid Exercise for Coaches

Example Uses of the Concentration Grid Exercise for Coaches

• Use grid exercise for helping and assessment of individual athletes with focus/concentration and dexterity

• Set aside practice or pre-season time for the team to complete the grid exercise

• Use the grid exercise as a gameday/pre-competition/locker room ritual (quiet time)

• Have athletes practice the grid exercise under distracting/simulated game conditions (e.g. noise, movement, lighting, etc.) – monitor the effect of distractions on performance

• Include the grid exercise as a mental skills training station during multi-station workouts

• Generate a random grid with the app and print/copy a screenshot on paper sheets to hand out with pen to the entire team – then time the team with a stopwatch as they complete the exercise (old school)

• Keep the team challenged/productively occupied with the grid app during travel/road trips (bus rides)

• Set up intra-squad/intra-school competitions with the grid exercise (e.g. individual tournaments, group/team tournaments, team competitions, etc.)

• Set up in-season and off-season competitions with the grid exercise for team/athletes (track best individual time, most improved, etc.)


Concentration Grid is a web/mobile device app implementation of a mental skills training exercise for students, athletes, coaches, sports performance/psychology staff, trainers, teachers, parents, etc. Use concentration grids a/k/a mental focus grids with student-athletes as a tool for assessment, development, practice/exercise of attention skills ... and for competitive challenge and fun. Generate grids in varying sizes of between 3 and 14 columns/rows - small grids test speed/dexterity ... larger grids exercise focus/attention skills. Convenient gameplay/replay. History tracking (time/performance data). Share feature is integrated with social media. Post and track best gridtimes at the leaderboard. Make self-development a daily habit. #concentrationgrid #challengeyourself - concentrationgrid.com - concentrationgrid.net - tryconcentrationgrid.com
CONCENTRATION GRID is a web-based/app version of the concentration/mental focus grid exercise that coaches use to help their athletes develop focus/attention skills that are important for athletic performance/success. If you are currently training teams/athletes who may be interested in the mental focus grid exercise, please connect at www.concentrationgrid.com (players who enjoy a competitive challenge can visit the benchmarks and leaderboards at www.concentrationgrid.net). CONCENTRATION GRID allows players to select grids in sizes ranging from 3 to 14 rows and columns. The smaller grids test dexterity and speed. The larger grids test the ability to sustain focus. In-between grid sizes test both speed/dexterity and focus. Each grid size presents a unique and fun challenge. Web gameplay is free at www.tryconcentrationgrid.com Share CONCENTRATION GRID with other coaches/staff in your network who may have student-athletes interested in mental skills training and development. Coaches and sports performance/psychology staff can use mental focus grids from the CONCENTRATION GRID app to help student-athletes achieve success on the mental side of sports performance/leadership.

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